Jeremy Castle

When Your Dog is Too Friendly

We got a black lab when he was a puppy, and I thought that he was going to be a good security system for us, but I was wrong. The ADT in Nashville company that I saw save my neighbors house after it was broken into last year was the company that I knew that I wanted to have to protect me and my family. My puppy is really a love dog. He does not like to bark at anything, unless he wants a treat. When we have family and friends come over he likes to run around the house and he can’t wait to lick them as soon as they walk into the room. Before I could say anything to my husband about the security company coming over at dinner the other night, he said he would want to talk about getting a home security company into our house to get an estimate at how much it was going to cost to have them install a system.

I told my husband that he was ahead of the curve. I then went to tell him all of the things that I thought our dog would do if someone were to come in without us being home. And that included the dog trying to kiss the stranger and even showing them where we hide the jewels. The truth is, we do not have any jewels. We do not own a lot of things, but he things that we do own, we love and we like to keep nice. There are a lot of people out of work in our area, and I believe that it is really important for us to keep an eye on those that are choosing to steal because they are so desperate to sell things for the cash at a pawn shop.