Jeremy Castle

We Were Young but We Had a Strong Plan for Success

So many new things were happening since we got married. We both had only been in our first apartments for a few months before we got married. This was not one of those things that we thought was right and everyone else thought was a mistake. Family and friends all agreed that we belonged together even though we were young. We both graduated high school with associate degrees because of a school program, and we were buying Boston home insurance while we were working on master’s degrees and running a business we started at 18.

It was great to be married to your best friend in the whole world and having your own home to live in while many others were still in their first four years of college. Yes, it is a lot of responsibility to take on at a young age, but we were made for it. We both liked to accomplish things early. That is why we both entered the college program in high school, got our associate degrees our senior year and fast-tracked to bachelor’s in a year. We were putting necessary steps behind us working toward a goal of retiring early to pursue just the things we wanted to do.

We had a mindset together that was on track for the same goals. We did not have to make accommodations for the dreams of each other as our goals were the same. This makes it so much easier to reach lofty goals as a husband and wife. We were each other’s support system every day. Our new home was modest, and we worked our business from it five days per week. Though driven, we took time to rest too. I liked everything about my life from cutting the grass and tending our garden to getting up at the crack of dawn to exercise and work alongside my wife.