Jeremy Castle

We Needed Commercial Insurance for Our Company

When you are in the market for Regina commercial insurance, there are several choices at first glance. However, once you dig deeper into each company that offers this type of insurance, it is obvious that only one is an expert at it. When I looked at Henderson Insurance along with several others in the area, I started them all off with a clean slate. The first thing I did was look at the different types of policies that each insurance company carries. It just would not do me a lot of good to go with a company that only offers the bare minimum for coverage options.

After determining that all but one carried the type of commercial insurance I was interested in, I then looked at their prices. I was able to get quotes off most of the websites, but I did have to call two of them to get those numbers. That put those two at the bottom of the list because I felt that should just be a given to be able to do that on the website in today’s times. It made me wonder what else these insurance companies were behind in.

Henderson Insurance gave me the best price for commercial insurance for my company. I made sure that the insurance would cover not only the structure but things that can happen to a business, like a failed delivery or an employee getting hurt in the store. I also wanted to make sure that the policy would cover any potential customers or clients should they be involved in an accident while on my company property. Commercial insurance covers so many different things, and I was happy to see that Henderson Insurance had everything spelled out in clear language for me. Their customer service was superb as well, and all of that gave me the confidence to choose them as our insurance agency.