Jeremy Castle

We Got a Great Little House

The place is a compromise, but there is a whole lot to love about it. For Dina it is a really terrific location, because she just started teaching at a school about a mile and a half away from it. She actually rode past the place when they were putting out the For Sale sign and stopped to look around. The place needs work and it is too small for much more of a family than the two of us. The thing we want to do first is to get the best reverse osmosis system for filtering the water from the faucet. The water comes from a well, but like a lot of the places in this are there seems to be a lot of iron in the water here. That is obviously the worst sort of hard water and no one likes it. In fact a lot of the problems it causes are just really pretty bad.

For me the location is not that great, but it is not terrible either. I can get to the office in about fifteen or twenty minutes so long as there are not any issues. However the big thing is that we are going to save a tremendous amount of money on our monthly expenses. The house payment is about three fifths as much as we had been paying to rent a one bedroom apartment. In fact it was not a very good apartment. Dina really loves the fact that we have a huge yard, about three and a half acres in all. There is a nice fenced in back yard which would be perfect for dogs and kids. Obviously the dog is a lot easier than the kid and there is probably barely enough room for one kid. I think that I could build an addition fairly easily though.