Jeremy Castle

We Are Moving to Florida!

My husband was not too sure about how I would react to the news that he was getting transferred. He didn’t have to accept the new position, but he would be out of a job if he didn’t. When he told me that the relocation was to the Tampa area, I was actually quite excited. While I love everything about Ohio, I was looking forward to living in Florida too. The company suggested that we look at the Marq Highland Park if we were looking to live in an apartment before buying a house.

I went to the website that they told him about, and I was impressed from the first moment. The pictures that I saw were of the actual apartments, and it looked like something that only the wealthy could afford. Knowing that these are apartments that my husband and I can afford got me so excited, because they really looked like they would be out of our league. I looked at the different things that are offered with each apartment, and I started filling out the application before I even showed my husband. I knew that he would tell me it was up to me, and this is the place that I really liked a lot.

The reason his company suggested it is because it is only a ten minute drive from the complex to the office. There are also so many different floor designs to choose from. We don’t have children, so we are used to living in a one bedroom apartment. These are so nice though, and I knew that we would probably have company come down, since it is Florida, after all, that I opted for a two bedroom instead. When I showed my husband the one that I picked out for us, he was just happy that I was excited!