Jeremy Castle

The Interesting Buildings of Singapore

I grew up in a small town in the States that had one traffic light. A short drive of just a few minutes would take you into the countryside where there were rolling hills where cattle grazed and hay to feed them would grow. Corn fields were also a regular sight with the landscape dotted with barns and silos. There was lots of space. In studying other places, Singapore is unique. The New Futura in Singapore is a condominium project like so many others that have been and are being built. The goal seems to be to recreate the open spaces you would find in parks and in the countryside within and on the towering buildings being constructed on the island.

When you do not have a lot of horizontal space as a nation, then it just makes sense to build up into the sky. The really neat thing is how the people of Singapore are not just cramming their skyscrapers with doors that people live and work behind. There are entire levels devoted to open spaces where trees and grass grow and there are swimming pools. Imagine swimming up to the edge of a building in a giant swimming pool.

Even better are the huge pools at ground level that take up one side of a skyscraper or run down the middle of a towering complex of buildings. Many structures have footbridges that go over the pools that are right out in front of the buildings. Some have very large pools with islands you can swim out to that have grass and trees growing on them. I even saw the plans for one structure that has a large area jutting out from the side of the building that is like a city park, just high up in the sky.