Jeremy Castle

The Home Came Without a Patio

I bought a house in New York for a cheap price. Although the house was pretty much perfect, it didn’t have a patio. There was just a patch of land in the back yard and that was it. I wanted to have a patio so I could sit on it and grill food on it. I thought about doing the task myself, but after looking up instructions on how to do it, I decided against it. It looked like too much work, so I hired a company for masonry in Nassau County NY to clear part of the land and turn it into a patio.

The company took measurements and began to dig into the ground to make a level surface for the patio. The ground needed to be completely flat, or else the patio would have an inward or outward slant. An outward slant would cause everything on the patio to roll away from the house. An inward slant would cause everything to roll towards the house, and when it rains, the rain would come directly to the foundation of the home, which could lead to terrible water damage. They constantly double checked their measurements to make sure everything was perfect.

With the land flat, they mixed concrete and created a barrier around the edge of the area that they dug. The barrier marks the edge of the patio and acts as a stop for the concrete. They poured the concrete into the area and smoothed it out until it was flat. Then they let the concrete sit until it was completely dry. A project like this has to be planned out in advance, because the rain can put it on hold and ruin any work. Once the concrete was dry, I took the first steps onto my brand new patio.