Jeremy Castle

Spring Cleaning Leads to Clean Spaces and Blooming Friendships

As a US foreigner living in Singapore, I often wondered if some of my culture was also in a weird way a part of theirs. This was something that I thought heavily about when it was Spring time. I often would walk the streets and see women beating rugs on the streets to get the dirt, dust, and anything else out of the rugs. It made me think of if spring cleaning in Singapore was something that they do like I did in America. Turns out, it was.

I had lived in my apartment in Singapore for almost a full year. I moved in around spring time last year and didn’t think to witness the spring cleaning that goes on. I was busy moving, unpacking, and doing my own organizing. However, this year I started to take notice. Windows were opened to let the fresh air in, sheets and blankets were hung out to dry on lines, and it seemed like everyone in the apartment was cleaning. I asked my neighbor if cleaning every spring was something they do in Singapore and explained that in the US, it’s the time to get rid of old and clean everything. She told me it was close to the same thing. Who knew!

I was also interested to learn that some people hire cleaning services for their spring cleaning. I thought that it was a lot like in America where people will hire cleaners to come in and clean carpets or outside the house. We discussed the best cleaning techniques and how they were similar. We talked about cultures and how similar they were as well. As far as cleaning goes, maybe a lot more than just the US does spring cleaning.

After a week long cleaning spree, me and my neighbor were done cleaning the apartments we lived in. We had both learned so much about each other and the fact that in at least cleaning we are very much alike and the worlds we grew up in weren’t so different.