Jeremy Castle

Scouting out Some New Locations

Obviously we know what we want and we are trying to balance the different factors involved. In this case we are looking for a site where we can combine different operations. We shall need some display space for retail operations, some office space for administration and some more space for the repair services. Of course the service guys will need a good bit of parking space for their vehicles and they need a central location. We found a nice place that fits most of our needs, but we need quotes on hvac services in Manhattan, NY since the old system is not going to do anyone much good in it’s current condition. Of course the system was sitting in a vacant building and some of the components are worth a good deal of money, in particular they have aluminum and copper in them which you can rip out and sell for scrap metal. Someone seems to have stolen the stuff that they needed to do a job though really.

At any rate the location is good for the company, but I am not too fond of it. Where I go to work right now suits me great, since it is quick and painless for me to get there. I can get out of bed and do all the stuff I need to do, then get to the office door in a bit more than half of an hour. It is going to take me at least twice as long once we get moved into this place. Of course that is not as terrible as it seems, because they let me work from home one or two days per week. I can not do everything from the spare room, but it is close enough that I do not have to go in every single day.