Jeremy Castle

Preventative Maintenance Can Save Money

My wife and I were talking with some friends we hadn’t seen in a few years not long ago. We were getting caught up with one another, which is how we got on the subject of drains in our homes. They told us that they had to hire a company that does drain cleaning in Hudson County, NJ because their drains kept backing up. They tried using the chemical solution for this that they bought at the local hardware store, but it was always just a temporary fix. When the drains continued to back up, they decided to hire a plumber to see what was going on.

They regretted trying to fix the problem so many times on their own after they received the news from the plumber they hired. He was able to do a drain inspection, and he found not only clogs but cracks and breaks in their drain pipes. Since this was a problem they had been trying to fix on their own for nearly a year, they were actually making the problem worse than better. They ended up having to have new drain pipes laid because the old system was just too damaged.

When they told us the cost of this, we were floored. We knew that plumbing can be expensive, but we had no idea just how much when the problem can no longer be remedied with an easy fix. That is why we decided to have our own drains inspected. There have been times where we have had to use a plunger, and we never had a second thought about it. When we got home, we made an appointment to have our drains inspected. There were some minor clogs, but they were able to clean them. The cost of doing this was so much cheaper than if we had waited years and needed to have the entire system replaced too!