Jeremy Castle

My Business is Doing Much Better Than I Hoped

My dad was a mechanic. He worked for a business that was nearby while he was alive. He worked there for 25 years. He used to talk about opening a place of his own so that he could make more money, but he never had a chance to do it. He taught me all about the business. I decided that I would become a mobile mechanic. A website I found said order cheap postcard printing services here – so that is what I did. After I mailed out my postcards, I had a nail biting time waiting to see if it would help me or not after getting my order and mailing them out to prospective customers.

My plan was to get my truck painted so that it would have my business name and phone number on the side of it. I would use my own vehicle to show up at my customer’s homes, place of work or wherever there car was parked and then I could work on their vehicle wherever they needed me to. In my eyes, this would be a great way to help out people who do not have time to get away to a business and let their car sit there for days while it is worked on. Of course, this meant that I would be doing light work, such a fixing flat tires of changing out someone’s brakes, but I knew things like that would keep me busy if my plan worked out.

After I did a mass mail out, things were quiet for about a week or so, and then my phone line rang off the hook. I had all sorts of people asking me to come to their place of work to come fix various things on their automobiles. And each of those people loved my service so much that work of mouth spread like wildfire.