Jeremy Castle

My Boss is Acting a Bit Oddly

I am sure it has something to do with his age and the fact that his wife left him when she found out about him and one of the clients. At any rate the guy is obviously trying to impress women, but he is in his late forties and that just is not going to work like he wants. So he is trying to find some way to look young, talking to the people that do aesthetic in Singapore. I got caught in the middle of this in fact. He had to have this bunch of paperwork and after he got done I had to run off and take it to some lawyers. It was a very important deal and we needed to get it done in a big hurry, time being a big factor since obviously there are a lot of people who also want to get a big deal.

At any rate he was doing this stuff that is supposed to make you slimmer. They have this machine and it wraps around one flank, then they turn it on and it is supposed to freeze the fat. He explained it to me and I sort of wondered how it got out of you after they froze it. I had this mental image of tiny icebergs floating through your bloodstream and then what it would feel like when they exited your body. I even wondered where it would come out, since solids go out in one direction and fluids go out in the other. At any rate we are working on the job and he shows up the next day. I could tell that he seemed to be a bit thinner, but it was only noticeable because I knew that he had done this stuff. The others did not say anything.