Jeremy Castle

Most of Our Energy Usage Involves Crude Oil

Oil is one of the most precious products on earth. Without it we have no gasoline or diesel fuel or any petroleum products. We wold not even have petroleum jelly or the plastic jar it goes in without oil. The polymers that people are used to in every electronic product would not exist without oil. Your laptop or phone you are reading this on would not exist in its current form without plastics. Oil exploration is a huge industry. It uses everything from seismic data analysis to satellite imagery and geologists on the ground to find those pockets underground where the black gold is just waiting to be pumped out.

Your average person does not even realize how important oil is. The keyboard I am typing on has keys made from plastics that are derived from petroleum. The raw material that makes it all is oil. The truck that brought the keyboard to the store I bought it at runs on diesel fuel derived from oil. The gasoline in our car that took me to the store to buy this keyboard is made from crude oil. Can you imagine a laptop or keyboard made out of metal, glass or ceramic? That would be your most likely material options if you did not have crude oil to make plastics.

Cleaning chemicals, paints and more would not exist in their present form without oil. Sure, we would probably have come up with other options if there was no oil, but it is what we have in abundance to make the things we use. Fossil fuel energy powers the world. From coal to natural gas to crude oil, it is the energy that powers most everything. We only have limited energy harvesting from wind and solar and water. Most of our energy usage revolves around fossil fuels.