Jeremy Castle

Mom’s Candy Recipe and Some Commercial Production and Packaging Equipment Earns Us a Good Living

Mom would make this hard candy when we were kids. She still makes it on occasion. It tastes so good. She uses a specialty sugar and her own flavoring mix that makes it unlike any hard candy you ever tried. It tastes like an orange creamcicle. I asked Mom if she would let me produce her recipe for sale. She gave it to me and told me to have at it. My wife and I rented a space, put in some stainless steel kitchen furniture, a couple of commercial cook pots, added a top filling machine and some other packaging equipment and had a business.

Test marketing had our product sell out immediately at every site we went to. Then we got online orders for more. I didn’t mention that Mom had five flavors that she made that were phenomenal. We sourced the same ingredients she used, matched the proportions for large scale production, and began to introduce new flavors a little at a time. The first flavor, the creamy orange one, is still the top seller. The two top flavor preferences for sweets in the country are chocolate and orange. We do not have a chocolate candy, but Mom said she would work on it. So, it looks like we might have a business partner soon.

She works with us now running the top filling machine on the packaging line and making sure that the batches of candy remain uniform in taste and consistency from batch to batch. That is actually a lot harder than it sounds. You have to be precise on everything from the ingredient mix to the cooking time. A few seconds longer than necessary to caramelize the sugar can change the taste significantly. We have had that happen. When it does, we just make plain peppermint candy to give away. We sell our candy in cans that look like little paint cans. It is unique packaging that adds to our product’s consumer desire. Our top filling machine fills each can and puts the lid on. We can produce thousands of units per day.