Jeremy Castle

Looking Forward to Buying My Girls Laptop Computers

When my daughters started using my desktop computer more for their schoolwork, I decided that it was time that they each had their own laptop. They are good kids, and they never ask for anything. I knew that getting just one laptop to share would be good from their perspective, but I wanted to give them each a laptop so they could customize them how they wanted. I also knew that if I wanted until the Cyber Monday electronic sales started, that I would be able to get a really good deal on two laptops.

I decided last night to look online to see if I could find if there were any sneak peeks or anything for Cyber Monday, and I was surprised to find a website that has all of the latest news on 2015 Cyber Monday. What really struck my fancy with this site is that even though none of the stores are showing their Cyber Monday deals yet, I was still able to look at what they offered last year. That gave me a good indication of which stores really wanted to give customers the best deal and which were just trying to give a small savings.

I made a small list just from the comparison research that I did from last year’s Cyber Monday sales, and then I signed up for email notifications so that I will be alerted anytime more information about laptops is put on the site. I am actually looking forward to seeing more than just laptops after looking at some of the sales from last year. I may end up doing a lot more than just laptop shopping with how good the deals were. It will be amazing if I can complete the majority of my Christmas shopping just by looking at Cyber Monday deals on my couch.