Jeremy Castle

Laser Cutting Services for Metal

We are trying to make a new product at the company that I work for and to do so we are going to need to enlist the help of another company that has some specialization in working with metal. What we need is to get some metal laser cutting services for our new product and we want to set up a contract that is going to be beneficial for both parties, or as beneficial for both parties as possible.

I am not sure when we will be able to start making this new product and offering it for sale, but it something we have had on the drawing board for awhile, but it has not gotten that far just because we will not be able to completely make the product in-house. That has been a major hindrance towards getting this done, because there are worries that it will not be very cost effective to outsource the metal cutting to another company.

I guess that I am going to try to figure out this contract, and try to get into contact with at least a couple of companies that are able to do this type of work, so that I can see how much it is going to cost for this collaboration. Hopefully, the services we will need will not cost that much, but as of now, I really have no idea, and no way of knowing how much they are going to cost. I would like to figure it out as soon as possible though because I have to report back to my boss on what I find. It is important that he stays updated with this whole process and he knows what is going on. I kind of wish he would just do the negotiations himself, but it is my duty for now.