Jeremy Castle

Know What’s Going to Happen

I like to have an upper hand on what may be coming in my life by getting psychic readings by phone. Some people may say this takes all of the surprise out of life, since you know just about what’s going to happen, but I prefer to know if something bad is coming my way so I can avoid it. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially in today’s world. Just last week I had an experience where I was glad that I called the psychic. I met someone that had warning signs all over them, signs that the psychic pointed out.

The person that I met was a random person at the train station. He asked me if I had the time and I told him what time it was. I noticed something was wrong with this man, but I wasn’t quite sure what. The psychic told me that I would meet a man of mysterious nature who would come to me with an ordinary question, but would try to harm me in some way. I didn’t turn my back to this guy, because I was afraid of what he would try to do while I wasn’t looking. I know that you shouldn’t look for the worst in people, but I had a feeling about this guy.

When it was time to board the train, I let the guy get on the train first. Once he took his seat, I sat in another seat far away where I had a clear view of him. The other passengers sat down and the train doors closed. Once the train started moving, everything went on like it normally would, until we got to the first stop. When some of the passengers were getting off, the man stood up and snatched the purse off a woman. That would have been me if I sat near that guy or turned my back on him.