Jeremy Castle

Jia and I Get Closer Together

I love my girlfriend Jia. We have been together for four year. She is so fine. She is Chinese and 24 years of age. We both met in college. We had our first date in the school cafeteria. I was struggling for money during my college years. Our date was cheap, but romantic. I fell in love with her at first sight. I really want to make her my wife one day. Last week, a violent storm came through our city. A tree fell on top of Jia’s house. She called a tree service in Brooklyn NY. They moved the tree, but the damage had been done. I was happy that my girlfriend was not hurt, but her home was damaged.

My girlfriend told me that it would be a while before the damage to her home was fixed. Jia was practically homeless. her family was not near her. She could not stay at a hotel because of her limited finances and her dog. Jia’s dog is named Chico. He is very rowdy. Jia started to cry. I consoled her and told her that she could stay at my place until the damage to her home was fixed. I did not realize what a hardship this was going to be for me.

The past couple of days have been weird. I discovered that my perfect girlfriend has many flaws. One of Jia’s flaws is that she is a very messy cook. Every time she cooked in the kitchen, she made a big mess. She used every dish in the kitchen to make breakfast. The meals were good, but they were not worth the mess. Another problem was that Jia was sloppy. She left her dirty clothes all over the floor. It was so disgusting. This was not that same girl that I had been dating for four years.