Jeremy Castle

I Wanted a New Color for My House

When I make up my mind, I usually take pretty quick action. That is what happened when I decided I wanted to paint my house a different color. When I first purchased it a few years ago, I thought that the purple color was actually charming. After living in it since then though, I have come to really not like it much at all. I had hesitated in getting any quotes on having it painted because I thought it would be way beyond my budget. When my friend told me about the painter in Bergen County NJ that she used to paint a few of her rooms though, I figured I had nothing to lose by getting a free quote from him.

She told me what she paid, and I was really surprised. I just assumed that a professional paint job would cost more. I have been to her house several times since she had her rooms painted, and they look really great. She gave me his contact information, and I called him not that long ago. When I told him that I was only interested in getting a quote right now, he was very quick in getting it to me.

I really appreciated that he did not use any sales tactics on me while I waited to see how much it would cost. He was just very patient, but I guess he knows he can be because his prices are so great. The next thing I asked him was about the best colors that would make my house look a lot better, and he gave me several color suggestions to consider. Needless to say, he ended up painting my house soon after. I chose a pale yellow color, and it looks absolutely amazing to me. I love driving up to it now because it is just so cheerful.