Jeremy Castle

I Needed a New Toaster Pronto

When my old toaster stopped working, I knew that I needed to replace it quickly. I have three kids, and they all love to have toast or frozen waffles for breakfast. My old toaster had four slots, and it was easy to make them breakfast quickly. I was without one just for about a week, and it really was a hard time to get by without one. I went online to see if I could find a new cream toaster. I know a lot of people probably prefer the traditional white or black colors for toasters, but I wanted a cream one to match the decor in my kitchen.

I didn’t want to just get the first one that I saw though. I know that regardless of appearance, some products are just not worth the money that is charged for them. I wanted to read some reviews of them so I could get the best one, as I did not want to have to replace this next toaster for a very long time. I was able to find a site that had extensive reviews on each toaster, and there were two cream toasters as well. Both looked really good, so I was thankful that the reviews were so extensive as it made my decision much easier.

I decided that the De’Longhi Vintage Icona Dolcevita four slice toaster was the one that I wanted to get. It has two crumb trays, electronic controls, variable widths, and it even is energy saving. The best part, other than how wonderful the reviews were about it being a quality toaster, is its appearance. It looks really sharp, and I knew that it would be a perfect match since I do have a vintage theme going on in my kitchen. Thank goodness it did not take long to ship to me, as the kids were getting tired of cold cereal!