Jeremy Castle

I Have Been Getting Ready for Summer

Of course we live close to the beaches of the Carolina, or at least we can hop in the car and be at the beach in about an hour and change. That is not really driving legally and you have to be careful about certain small towns where tourists provide the local law enforcement types with a nice income stream. At any rate I am going to take the summer semester off and we have the money saved up for it. I have been getting my body ready, and I found this stuff called South Beach skin solutions while I was looking for help with my skin tone. Of course it was a long way from what I was thinking about when I started to search. I wanted to get some sort of spray tan that would not look totally ridiculous, like for example the President of the United States of America and the stuff that makes him orange. I did not want to be orange or even really tan in the dark brown sense. I just did not want to look pale and pasty.

At any rate it turns out this stuff is something that they call intimate bleaching cream. By that they mean that they use it on the parts of the body that are covered up by a pair of swim trunks or a bikini bottom. I was struck by how strange it seemed. In fact I never once looked at my penis and thought that it needed to be bleached. The thought itself is enough to make me want to cross my legs. It just is not something that I would even think about. The idea of bleaching the area around the vagina was even stranger to me. Like most guys I think about vaginas, but never bleaching them.