Jeremy Castle

I Finally Tried Online Poker

I had heard of people playing web poker online but I really had no clue about it myself. I had played the free games that you can find on any free game website, but I had never tried playing for real money. I was not sure how any of that worked. More importantly, I was not sure that I would be paid should I hit anything. With those unknown factors, there was just no desire to put my money down on a paid poker site. All of that changed not long ago though when my neighbor hit a small jackpot on one of the sites he enjoys playing at.

When I say small, I don’t mean a few bucks. His winnings was enough to take care of nearly two full months of bills for him and his family. He told me that the site he went to is extremely legitimate and pays quickly too. He did not have to wait very long at all to see the winnings in his account. It is hard to not believe when you have proof like that, so I went to the same site to see if I could have some luck there too.

I was not expecting to go and hit any jackpots with my first attempt, which I didn’t. I still did not do bad though. I walked away with more than I went with, and that is a good day to me. Winning the kind of money my neighbor did, or even more, is a dream for sure, but just winning any amount keeps the game interesting for me. I go there a few times a month to just relax and have fun, and I have lost a few times and won a few times so far. That is what keeps me going back!