Jeremy Castle

I Fell Down a Flight of Steps

Falling down a flight of steps is not something I would ever recommend to anyone. That happened to me last year, and the pain was unreal. Even childbirth was easier for me! I could tell that I had not broken anything because I was able to get up and walk back up the steps, albeit a lot slower than what I had come down. It hurt like the dickens though, and I knew I needed to see my doctor to make sure all was okay. My husband suggested that we look at some Santa Maria chiropractors first, because I had landed on my back.

I thought it was a good idea, but it hurt me too much to even sit there and look at the different chiropractors in the city. My husband, thank God for him, did a bit of research and picked one that was able to see me that day. I hobbled out to the car, managing to hold off the tears, but barely. My husband helped me every step of the way, and soon I was having imaging tests done to see the shape of my spine. The good news is that there was no major damage done, but the bad news was that the pain was going to be there for a short while.

He did an adjustment on my spine, and that did make me feel a little better. He also ordered a massage for me, and that made me feel even nicer. I went back in two days for a repeat of the adjustment and massage, and that is when I felt the best. My husband had talked to the chiropractor throughout the two visits, and we made the decision with the information that he got that we wanted to keep this chiropractor as part of our medical team to help keep our bodies in the best condition possible!