Jeremy Castle

I Can Work out at Home Now Before Work

When I joined the Army, I thought I was in pretty good shape. After all, I fit into a size two jeans, and I wore tops that were extra small or small at the very most. But I learned that I was not in great shape at all when I went to basic training. I came out of there with muscles where I did not even know I should have them! So, when I learned that you could join a workout program based on Navy Seal training last week, I immediately wanted to try it.

When I left the military, I quickly lost most of the muscles that I had built up while in service. I really enjoyed the daily workouts. You have them 5 days per week without fail. It does not matter if it is raining or snowing outside, you wake up every day and you workout with your platoon. It helps to give you the energy you need to feel good and look good. But after getting out of active duty, I simply got lazy.

I really like that you can use this program without having to lay out a lot of cash for a gym. I just do not like driving somewhere daily to work out. It takes a lot of time and gas. When I was in the service, I simply drove to work on base and we worked out outside before we went into our offices. So, having the ability to simply log in to a site each morning and get my exercise in before leaving to go to my new job every day was really nice.

I also like that this regimen really means business. I have tried others in the past that did not stimulate me enough and I quickly grew bored of them. This one has many different levels that you can work your way through.