Jeremy Castle

I Bought a Really Nice Shotgun

I bought myself a really nice shotgun the other day, in fact it is the sort of weapon that our troops would have used in wars like Vietnam. This is a really power semiautomatic 10 gauge shotgun. I got a nice neoprene stock cover because I guarantee you that you are going to feel it when this shotgun recoils from those 10 gauge buck shot and 10 gauge deer slugs. That is what I bought it for and from what I have read it does not really operate optimally with less powerful shotgun shells. If you try to use it with bird shot or pellets, then you are going to have a fair risk of the gun jamming. In fact this thing is a really impressive weapon. I loaded it up with alternating buck shot and deer slugs, It is the sort of load that guys used to go out into the jungles of Vietnam with, using this same Browning shotgun.

I aimed it at a big target on a tree and when I was done, so was the tree. The deer slugs did a lot of the damage, hitting the tree along one edge and tearing out big chunks of the wood. It did not fall over or anything, but the tree is probably going to die. I was surprised really. I have done the same thing a lot of times and never come close to the sort of damage that I did to this tree. The guys in the wars liked this weapon for the exact reason. Obviously the buck shot pellets are going to form a big cone, with the spread growing wider as the range increases. If you can not really see the guy that is trying to kill you, then a weapon like this is going to be very useful.