Jeremy Castle

I Am Up to Date on Fire Codes Now

I purchased a building not long ago at a really great price. It has a solid foundation, and the majority of the repairs were cosmetic in nature. The roof was fairly new, and the wiring had also been updated not long ago. Everything passed inspection before I purchased it, but there was one area that I was concerned about. Even though it had passed the standard inspection, I was concerned about the fire sprinklers because they were not exactly new. I did a search for a California fire sprinkler services company because I knew I would feel better if I had an expert test this system out for me.

Of the companies that provide this type of service, I went with Champion Fire Protection for one reason. When I was looking over their site, they stated that they believe they should only fix a problem one time. That gave me confidence in them, because I also feel this way. If the same problem keeps happening over and over again, then there is something wrong with the person fixing it in the first place. I contacted them, and they came out not much later to do a complete inspection.

I was right in contacting them, because they found some problems in the sprinkler system. It is one thing to have a sale inspection, but it is something entirely different to have an inspection to make sure you are up to both local and federal codes. I was not, and they were able to take care of the problems. I am just glad that they were able to fix what was wrong instead of replacing the entire system because that would have cost more than what I had budgeted for this. I am confident now that when I have the building inspection to make sure I am up to fire code, I will pass with flying colors!