Jeremy Castle

Great Car Insurance for a Great Price

It was with great apprehension that I looked for Nocatee insurance. I needed auto insurance, but I had a lot of questions about how that was going to happen. The story is that I was arrested and convicted of driving while intoxicated here in Florida, but I got picked up when I was driving without insurance and I also wasn’t driving my own vehicle. It wasn’t a good situation, and it was made worse by me not doing anything about it for several years. I hitched rides with my girlfriend and other people because I was afraid to try and get insurance.

When I managed to land a new job, I had to get insurance. The commute was too long to rely upon other people to take me there. So I got online and started looking around for someone who would listen to my story and tell me they weren’t going to put me in the poor house with the insurance policy. After a few calls to places that weren’t exactly friendly after they heard my story, I found a firm who seemed to understand what I was going through and they crunched some numbers.

The result? It wasn’t what I would call good. The first year is not going to be easy to cover, but if I keep my nose clean the rates will go down dramatically after the first year. By the third year, the rates should be normal for someone of my age. In the end the worst part was spending a few years worrying about it. I now have a policy and I intend to keep it. I am just thankful there was an insurance agent who was willing to take a chance on somebody with a bad driving record. We all need a second chance and I am grateful I got one.