Jeremy Castle

Garage Door Repair Service Stops the Rainwater from Infiltrating Our Garage

Our garage would have a big wet spot after a heavy rain. They resurfaced the alley that our driveway connects to, and the runoff during a heavy rain rushes back toward the door. I needed to call a garage repair service to see if they could do something about how the garage doors seal against the concrete of the floor of the garage. It was so bad that I actually had a big squeegee to push the water out of the garage. We could not store anything on the floor. The whole floor would be wet from wall to wall.

I was concerned that we would not be able to seal the doors good enough to resist the water that would splash up against it. It was only during very heavy rains that it happened. I could have had drains installed, but that would have been a big expense. The place that provides garage repair service was able to put in new seals at the bottoms of the doors that really blocked the water. I was really surprised at how well they worked. It turns out that a lot of garages suffer from grading of the surrounding property that ends up causing water to flow back toward them. Ours was due to a flat driveway and municipal resurfacing of the road the driveway connects to. Still, the seals worked fine.

I was very happy to not need to have someone come out and bust up the concrete to put in those long drains that run in front of garage doors. Yes, they are a more permanent solution, but they are also a whole lot more expensive than just replacing doors seals from time to time at the bottom of the garage doors. This might have been a cheaper way to go, but it is proving to be a very effective fix for a garage that used to get water in it after a heavy rain.