Jeremy Castle

Being Green Includes Outdoor Laundry Drying

My wife and I used to only think about ourselves when it came to environmental issues. When our son got passionate about being green, he really showed us the error of our ways. We now do our part to help the planet in any way that we can, and it has benefited us in a lot of ways. Some of those ways may seem silly to others, but we don’t worry about that. For instance, instead of using the electric clothes dryer for every single load of laundry, we now use a clothes line outside for the majority of our laundered items.

There are still some things we will use the electric dryer for, but we purchased an energy saving dryer for those loads to minimize the environmental impact. We do limit ourselves in using it though, because there is just something really refreshing about wearing clothes and using linens that have been dried outdoors. I purchased a circular clothes line from a reputable company online, and it has been perfect for us. My wife suggested a straight clothes line, and our son is the one who suggested the Breezecatcher line.

When I first saw it, I was not sure she would be able to put all the laundry on it from one load. After reading the reviews though, I saw that looks can be deceiving because there is actually more than enough room for one load of laundry. It also spins with the breeze, regardless if there are just a few things on it or if it is completely loaded with wet items. I especially like it when the bed linens are done, because it gives them a scent that just does not happen in the dryer. We may be the parents, but our son is the one who taught us in this situation!