Jeremy Castle

An Investment Opportunity That Changed My Life

I needed to come up with some money in order to take care of an investment opportunity. I knew that I could go the traditional route, but I also knew that I would have a harder time getting the amount I needed because I was between jobs at the time. That is why I needed to take advantage of this opportunity sooner rather than later. I did a quick search online for personal loans with no credit check or no employment verification. I will be honest, because I really did not think that I would find something that would help me. It was just one of those things you do and really hope that it works, even though you don’t think it will.

What I found was a company that does help people like me. They have two different programs that can help a person get an unsecured loan for up to 400 thousand dollars. The first program is the one that I took advantage of, and it just has some incredible benefits to it. The interest rate might seem high to some people at nearly eight percent, but that is really good for an unsecured loan for me.

The nice thing about this particular loan is that no collateral was needed. I do own my house, but it is not worth the amount that would be needed if it was going to be used as collateral. They also did not need to verify my employment. Since having a job is a requirement, I was able to talk with my former boss about taking me back on a very temporary basis, which he did after I explained why I needed this help. The process did not take long, and I was able to take advantage of the opportunity investment. This has completely changed my life.