Jeremy Castle

A Move to a Fresh Paradise

I received a promotion at my job, which called for me to move out to Sandy Springs. I didn’t want to give up my old home, but the promise of more money was too much to give up. I looked for Sandy Springs GA apartments and found something that looked more like a luxury residence for rich people. While riding up to the front gate of the apartments, I saw a beautiful swimming pool with people swimming in it. I used to swim at the local community center, which was acceptable, but it could have been better. The pool at the apartments was a much better alternative.

I checked out the inside of the apartments and was pleased with how much room I had to live in. The bedroom could store two full size beds and still have more than enough room for extra storage. The closets were much bigger than the ones I had been used to that barely had any room to even enter. The bathrooms had a shower and bathtub combination, with a massaging head that could be detached. The kitchen came stocked with a refrigerator and dishwasher, while there was also a washer and dryer for my clothes.

As soon as I signed a rental agreement with the owner, I moved my things into the apartment and headed back downstairs to swim in the pool. Although I’m not much of a diver, I couldn’t help but try out the diving board. Instead of some masterful dive, I produced a big cannonball that splashed a lot of water everywhere. I had a long workout swimming laps, and afterwards I went to a local restaurant for some dinner. If I hadn’t been promoted at my job, I never would have taken the initiative to move out to Sandy Springs.