Jeremy Castle

A Fun Night on the Limo Bus

When a few friends and I decided to go to the casino, we debated on how we wanted to get there. One of them joked about getting a limousine, but it actually was a really good idea. When a few other friends found out, we decided that we could turn it into a real party. There were over 20 of us who ended up wanting to go, so we had to decide what kind of limo to get. Since there were so many, I suggested that we try a limousine bus.

The cost was very reasonable for so many of us, and I knew that we would be a lot more comfortable. Stretch limos are really comfortable. I was in one for a wedding not long ago. It was hard to get in and out though when so many people were in it, and it was also impossible to move around. We were planning on being in the limo for several hours, so we definitely needed to be comfortable. I looked up limo buses online, and I was happy to see that they were even nicer than I imagined.

We would be able to move around freely, plus there is a bar, which is one of the reasons why none of us wanted to drive to the casino. We are not heavy drinkers, but this was a night of fun. That meant that we all wanted to be able to have wine, champagne or a mixed drink without having to worry about designated drivers. When I showed the other girls the bus, they all agreed that it was the most logical and comfortable choice for all of us. It was very easy to rent, and the driver was extremely nice. We had such a great time that I think this is going to be a regular occurrence!