Jeremy Castle

A Directv Bundle That Really Helps Us

My husband was hired as the lead pastor of a large local church. We had gone from a congregation of dozens to one of hundreds seemingly overnight, and we both knew that we had our work cut out for us. We moved into the parsonage a couple of weeks before he was to have his first sermon, which gave us time to get everything set up. One thing that I wanted to do was get some DirecTV Internet information. We already knew that we were going to subscribe to a DirecTV programming plan because they have a large variety of religious programming, but we hadn’t decided on an Internet provider yet.

When one of the ladies I met with at the welcome luncheon for us told me that DIrecTV also has Internet services, I was surprised. I definitely wanted to find out more though because I have always been satisfied with DirecTV in general. If I would be able to bundle my services together and save money, that is definitely the route I wanted to go. I was able to find a page of a local dealer, and there was a lot of good information about the different features of DirecTV.

I was happy to see that I would be able to bundle both a TV plan and an Internet plan for one low price. This would give me exactly what I needed. My husband and I have the local channels so we can keep up with what is going on in our community along with the religious programming that we both enjoy. In addition, we are both able to use the Internet to study for different things, since we would be the leaders in a lot of the church programs. Having a reliable Internet connection to do this makes our jobs so much easier!